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Tuatara ATV | UTV Ultra terrain Vehicle

Tuatara 1000 EFI


1000 cc 12-valve water-cooled engine with 51 kW (69 hp) output. Bosch Electronic Fuel Injection and five‑speed manual transmission with selectable 2WD and 4WD modes.


The large 26″ high‑grip CST 6‑ply tyres and 310 mm ground clearance, combined with an engine intake snorkel and independent wishbone suspension, give this ATV exceptional “go anywhere” capability. It’s not just an all-terrain vehicle: it’s a true ultra-terrain vehicle (UTV).


LED headlamps, fog lights, and an amazingly powerful roof‑mounted LED light bar make the Tuatara excellent for night work.


There are three independent seats, each with a four‑point seatbelt, in a walk‑through cabin design. Plus there’s a powerful waterproof radio with Bluetooth, so you can enjoy audio content while you work or play.

The Tuatara ATV 1000EFI

The Tuatara ATV 1000EFI ultra terrain vehicle (UTV) is unmatched in features and unrivalled in quality for its class. This highly functional, amazingly robust and truly versatile machine is suitable for just about any application, including farming, farm contracting, apiculture, horticulture, hunting, or for purely recreational purposes. In fact, its all-steel structure makes it probably the toughest UTV available in New Zealand.

Go anywhere

The Tuatara has an impressively powerful 1000 cc, three cylinder, 12-valve engine. Paired with an amazing five-speed transmission, it offers huge power at any speed on almost any type of terrain. The manual transmission offers the advantage of engine braking through every gear, and eliminates the issues posed by CVT transmission drive belts, which tend to slip when wet, and often wear out prematurely, increasing maintenance costs.

To handle the toughest, most rugged conditions, the Tuatara comes with Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). The IRS allows the vehicle to keep its rear wheels stable and in constant contact with the terrain in all conditions, giving better traction, a smoother ride, and less sliding. Together with the high ground clearance, IRS lets you stay on the throttle through turns and when negotiating rough and undulating terrain. There’s also switchable 2WD/4WD, and individually selectable front and rear differential locks, giving it true “go anywhere” capability.

The Tuatara outperforms the rest even when it’s standing still. The unique brake pedal lock enhances the handbrake, providing total retention even when parked on the steepest incline.

Get more for less

The ATV includes so many features and accessories that our competitors only offer as expensive add-ons. These include the 1360 kg electric winch, fold-down windscreen, roof-mounted LED lightbar, electrically operated rear tray hoist, high-grip CSV tyres, engine intake snorkel, waterproof Bluetooth radio, PVC roof with carry tray, and two deck-mounted equipment boxes.  What other UTV boasts such features as standard?

No other utility vehicle in New Zealand has a front cargo tray. The front cargo tray on the Tuatara has a 150 kg load capacity. Power steering keeps the handling light, even when you’ve got rolling fence posts or a sloshing spray tank up front.

Also not found on other UTVs in New Zealand: the 100% steel rear cargo tray. No flimsy plastic here! The cargo tray’s drop-down sides allow you to carry wider loads with ease.

All-day comfort and safety

With an all-weather roof and windscreen, the Tuatara gives you protection from New Zealand’s fierce climate. The adjustable steering column lets you set a comfortable steering position for any height and body size. The walk-through cabin allows easy entry and exit from both sides of the vehicle—essential for tasks where you’re constantly hopping in and out. It’s also a great help if you have mobility issues that make conventional cab designs uncomfortable.

The passenger cabin is a truly safe place to be, no matter the terrain. It’s enclosed within a robust roll-over protection system (ROPS), and all three seats are equipped with four-point seatbelts for added safety.

Tough and built to last

Given the punishment UTVs get every day, your first consideration when choosing a UTV should be robustness.

The Tuatara is the most solid UTV available in New Zealand. The chassis and main cargo tray are made from high-grade steel. The ladder design of the chassis gives it amazing structural strength. No need to worry when negotiating rocky areas, pushing through branches and tree stumps, or even bottoming out on hard soil.

To ensure your UTV workhorse is around for years to come, the entire vehicle undergoes a six‑step electrophoresis treatment in the factory. Electrophoresis is generally recognised as the best anti-corrosion protection for steel.

Tuatara…or chameleon?

The most amazing feature of the Tuatara is its versatility. It meets all the requirements for road use—right down to the registration plate light. It can be registered and warranted for on-road operation, where it can travel at up to 60 kilometres per hour. At the same time, it’s an off-road vehicle that’s capable of negotiating almost any terrain with ease. It’s strong, with an enormous carrying capacity, but its immensely powerful engine is both quiet and economical.

The Tuatara is certainly more functional than any other UTV on the New Zealand market, yet it’s several thousand dollars less than a comparable UTV would be (if one even existed). And that’s not even considering the estimated $3,000 worth of accessories included as standard features.

Fact! The Tuatara is a truly stand-out Ultra Terrain Vehicle.

Engine model Chery SQR371F
Engine type In-line vertical, three cylinder, water cooled, DOHC, 12 valve
Fuel supply EFI
Bore x stroke 71 mm x 84 mm
Displacement 0.998 L
Compression ratio 11
Rated power 51 kW (69 hp)
Maximum torque 93 N.m
Fuel grade 91 unleaded or greater
Idle speed 850 rpm
Starting 12 V electric
Cooling system Water
Radiators equipped with thermo-fan
Oil capacity 3.5 L (with filter)
Oil grade API SF SAE 10W/30
Net weight 92.5 kg
Transmission Manual
5 forward gears, 1 reverse gear
Clutch Hydraulic
Final drive Shaft drive, 2WD & 4WD selectable, differential lock
Front and rear individually selectable
Tyres (front & rear) 26 x 11 – 12 CST high grip
Suspension (front) Independent single wishbone (MacPherson strut)
Suspension (rear) Independent, double A-arms with dual coil springs
Brakes Hydraulic discs with booster assist (front & rear)
Steel Chassis and all steel panels subjected to electrophoresis anti-corrosion treatment
Maximum speed 60 km/h
Maximum load (rear tray) 550 kg
Fuel tank capacity 50 L
Recommended tyre pressure (front)

15 psi


Recommended tyre pressure (rear) 18 psi (off road)
Winch 1360 kg
Ground clearance 310 mm
Wheel base 2400 mm
Net weight 975 kg
Physical dimensions 3580 mm (L) x 1550 mm (W) x 2065 mm (H)
Rear carry tray 1600 mm (L) x 1400 mm (W) x 300 mm (H)

Want to add accessories to your ATV?

ATV accessories for the Tuatara and other farm vehicles.

Tuatara ATV Trailer

ATV trailer

The ATV trailer is specifically designed to be towed behind the Tuatara side-by-side, but it works well with any other larger capacity ATV, or even an on-road motor vehicle. The trailer is equipped with dual coil springs on both wheels, inertia disc brakes, and all the features and lighting required to be registered and warranted for on-road use. The trailer is fitted with a cargo tray, electric hoist and aluminium cage.

This is an extremely versatile and robust trailer, designed for both on-road and off-road use.

The ATV trailer is specifically designed for towing behind the Tuatara ATV side-by-side, any larger capacity ATV, or on-road motor vehicle.

Overall dimensions 1960 mm (L) x 1460 mm (W)
Deck dimensions 1600 mm (L) x 1400 mm (W) x 300 mm (H)
Carrying capacity 800 kg
Weight 475 kg
Deck hoist Electric
Hoist lifting capacity 1 tonne
Cage Aluminium with double rear gates
Cage dimensions 1600 mm (L) x 1400 mm (W) x 1000 mm (H)
Tuatara ATV Tow-behind flail mower

Tow-behind flail mower

The tow-behind flail mower is an extremely versatile rough cut mower that uses flails rather than conventional mower blades to cut grass, scrub or even small branches. The quality of the cut compares very favourably with what you would expect from a topper or slasher mower. The mower is equipped with a powerful 13.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine which has both a recoil and a key‑operated electric start. It’s a very compact mower, ideal for towing behind your Tuatara side-by-side or other ATV.

The ATV flail mower is an extremely versatile rough cut mower that uses flails rather than conventional mower blades to cut grass, scrub or even small branches.

Make Tuatara
Dimensions 1960 mm (L) x 1460 mm W x 1050 mm (H)
Cutting width 1150 mm
Cutting height 10 mm to 100 mm
Rated power 10 kW (13.5 hp)
Flails 28 (either knives or hammers)
Weight 285 kg
Tuatara Heavy-duty ATV loading ramps

Heavy-duty ATV loading ramps

Heavy duty ATV loading ramps, suitable for all ATVs and heavier side-by-sides and even light vehicles. The ramps are constructed of heavy gauge aluminium that offer the advantage of being lightweight and corrosion-free.

Genuine heavy duty aluminium ATV loading ramps at a reasonable price.

Construction Aluminium
Capacity 800 kg per ramp
Dimensions 2100 mm (L) x 450 mm (W)

Tuatara ATV cage

Tuatara ATV cage

One of our most popular accessories. This is a lightweight but very strong aluminium cage that can be easily fitted to the Tuatara side-by-side to enhance the cargo tray’s already generous carrying capacity.

The cage is mounted on the cargo tray in front of the engine cover and the two deck-mounted storage boxes, so it doesn’t hinder access to these items. It’s ideal for carrying lambs, calves, working dogs, or a range of other items. The cage is equipped with two gates that can be opened individually or together.

Removing the cage is quick and easy. Simply undo the four butterfly retaining bolts and lift the cage off the cargo tray.

Lightweight, durable aluminium cargo cage. Fast and easy to fit and remove.

Construction Aluminium
Dimensions 1600 mm (L) x 1400 mm (W) x 1000 mm (H)


Tuatara ATV Dog Box

Tuatara ATV dog box

Introducing our latest accessory for the Tuatara ATV, an exceptionally well constructed yet lightweight dog box. Removable partitions give you the flexibility to create three bays to separate boisterous dogs, or one big bay if you prefer.

Each bay of the ATV dog box is equipped a vertically opening door with quick release catches. A retaining bracket secures each door in the fully opened position while dogs are being loaded or unloaded.

Just like the standard cage, the dog box attaches to the cargo tray using side brackets secured by butterfly nuts, so it’s quick and easy to fit or remove.

You don’t have to sacrifice space or convenience just to bring man’s best friend along. You can still access the cargo tray toolboxes and engine cover when the dog box is installed, and the dog box roof is fitted with a guard rail so you can store extra equipment up top.

Well designed and built, the three-bay aluminium ATV dog box is made to fit the rear cargo tray of the Tuatara side-by-side.

Construction Aluminium
Bays 3 (with removable partitions)
Dimensions 800 mm (L) x 1389 mm (W) x 960 mm (H)
Doors Separate door on each bay
Vertical opening
Retaining brackets to hold doors open for loading and unloading


“This is hands down the most versatile atv I have purchased for the farm.”  A. Farmer

“Brilliantly Engineered”

“Handles hills with ease”

“Looks and runs as reliably as a 1950’s Land Rover”

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